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Referral programs

We didn't find any suitable programs.

We have always been about helping others stay motivated, so we thought why not to motivate our challenge participants to help us grow? Just so we could be motivating you even better?

Join a referral program above (one program at a time), copy the link, share it with your friends, and we will start adding referral credits to your profile. Those credits do not expire, and you can use them towards challenge entries, or, perhaps, towards swag purchases on our site.

Before you join, though, we just wanted to clarify that referral credits have no monetary value and can't be exchanged for any money and/or cannot be cached out. Instead, they can be applied towards challenge entries and/or swag purchases on this site.

As you keep going, you can always switch to a different program. There is, however, a 10 days cooldown period - that's how long you may have to stay with the selected program before switching to another one.

Can the terms above change? Yes. We will definitely let you know ahead of time, though.