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How to take part?

1Enter a challenge

Fill out a short form, selecting the desired difficulty level. Select a distance to run in a month that you feel will be a challenge.


Run the distance you selected at your own pace, over the course of the month. Don't forget to record your evidence.

3Get Rewarded

At the end of the month, submit your evidence and you will receive a unique medal to remind you of your achievement.

How It Works?

It’s easy

Our mission

We help people set goals and achieve them.

Run where you want

There's no need to travel - you can take part wherever you are. Your favourite outdoor route, on a treadmill, your local running track - it's up to you!

You choose the challenge

Whether you're a beginner or are a competitive runner pushing to beat your PB, we've got a challenge that will suit your needs!

Complete in your own time

You are in control - Complete your challenge as fast or slow as you wish, be that over one run or many - it's totally up to you. You have the whole month to run your distance.

Get Motivated

If you're training for that next event or just wanting to get back to running - everyone needs extra motivation from time to time, and Run Challenges is here to provide it.

Get Rewarded

Receive a high-quality, totally bespoke medal that will remind you of your achievement - and allow you to show off to your friends! There is a new design each month, so you can build up a collection.

Running Community

Feel part of a strong running community, all striving to motivate themselves and spur each other on. Knowing that you're not the only one pushing for that medal is a huge boost when motivation starts to flag.

Customer Testimonials

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Hamed Bahmani


A great experience, I really enjoyed each and every step of challenge. The last lap was in a snowy evening on 31 of March, really amazing!

Vanessa Paul


Tough and busy month but I manage to get myself out there and it felt good. Thank you run challenge for keeping going??. My last run covered 8K on the 31st December.

Mick McCarthy


Great way to motivate myself to keep fit. The monthly goals really inspire me to leave the house, particularly now the winter months are approaching. Nice medal at the end of the challenge.

Teresa Jenkins


I really enjoyed the challenge. It was lovely to just get out there and achieve this for myself. Love these challenges so much, thank you. ? xx

Amanda Kirwan


I love these monthly challenges They are great to keep you focused and motivated

Rachel Adey


I love doing these challenges as they keep me on track with running and keep the motivation going